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How does matching work?

Students provide a few pieces of information about themselves, and Student Union generates potential college recommendations according to the following categories:

Look Carefully

These schools have graduation rates below 50%. Look carefully at the graduation rates for the information you entered. Student Union does not recommend attending schools with low graduation rates. Talk to a guidance counselor, teacher, parent or advisor when you are looking at schools in this category.

Just Right

Your likelihood of getting admitted to this college is 60% or above. It has a graduation rate at 50% or above for the information you entered. The schools at the top of your list give you the highest likelihood of graduating. We recommend looking at these schools first!


Your likelihood of getting admitted to these schools is between 40-60% but these schools have graduation rates at or above 50%. Take a look at them and maybe apply to some of them. There's still a good chance of admission!


Your likelihood of getting admitted to these schools is less than 40% but these schools have graduation rates at or above 50%. Take a look at them and maybe apply to a few any way. Why not push yourself a little?


No Matches?

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive all the match results you expected. A few pieces of advice:

Improving your ACT/SAT and GPA will increase the likelihood of getting into schools with higher graduation rates.

Talk to your counselor about options for 2 year colleges and transferring. Many students transfer to a 4-year university after finishing an Associate’s degree. Start your search by clicking here.


Who can see my data?

Your guidance counselor, teacher, or parent can help guide you and create a list of potential schools to fit your needs.

If they send you an email to get started, they will be able to see your name, email, GPA and test scores, the ethnicity/race you entered, and any colleges you save to your college list. If you did not sign up from an email they sent, only you will be able to see your information and college list.

Student Union never shares or sells your data to any University.


How do I share my data?

By using data from our partner organizations, we focus on the best college options for first generation college students. When you share your historical information on student admittance and graduation data, the matching algorithm gets better for all students!

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What do administrators see?

As a school administrator you can see the following information about the students you oversee:

  • Name and email address
  • GPA and test scores
  • Race/ethnicity they entered
  • High school, if applicable
  • Schools they saved to their college list